How to Change the World
A practical guide to successful environmental training
second edition
Clare Feeney
£29.99 (PB) • £49.99 (HB)

‘Inspiring case-studies, lively writing and, best of all, a series of steps and tools to enable any organisation to improve its environmental performance. Clare’s depth of experience and wisdom on good environmental practice and how to encourage people to commit to it shines through on every page.’

Niki Harré, Professor, School of Psychology, University of Auckland

How to Change the World is a complete, inspirational and practical toolkit for successful environmental training, underpinned by a unique and proven framework. If you are setting up or delivering environmental training programmes, this book is essential reading.

Environmental training has measurable – and monetised – outcomes that improve the environment, create jobs, and grow profits. A well-trained workforce is key to ensuring the responsible use of natural resources, building a more sustainable economy and – in the process – solving some of the serious environmental issues facing humanity.

This book delivers:
  • a unique, practical framework for successful environmental training
  • clear guidance on building an effective business case for training
  • a proven methodology for measuring the ROI of your programme
  • inspirational case studies and templates that save time and money

About the author

Clare Feeney is a strategic trainer and professional speaker. She has more than 12 years’ experience in hands-on water and soil management for government and 20 years’ consultancy experience. A past lecturer in geography and environmental science, she continues to give annual guest lectures at the University of Auckland. As a consultant, she has worked with manufacturers, farmers, government departments, indigenous peoples and community groups, as well as water supply, stormwater and sewerage utilities, to develop, deliver and evaluate environmental training strategies and programmes.