Coming in 2018

Bank Lending
by Nirmala Lee and Vijay Lee

‘An excellent introduction the principles and, importantly, the practice of lending in all its forms. Lending prudently, responsibly and profitably is far from simple, especially when markets are booming. However as this book clearly explains, it is essential in order to create a thriving and successful economy.
Liam O'Keefe, Managing Director, Head of London Special Projects London Branch, Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank

This book is for students and professionals working, or intending to work, in a lending-related role.

The text provides comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of bank lending, its principles and practices. Bank lending performs a key role within global and national economies. Individuals and enterprises look primarily to banks and other financial institutions to finance their personal and business requirements. Good lending practice is therefore a core skill required within the financial services industry. This book will give lending staff the detailed knowledge and understanding of the financial and legal aspects of their roles they need to be able to fulfil employer as well as customer expectations.

Topics covered include:

  • lending principles
  • the legal and regulatory framework
  • types of borrower
  • purposes of financing
  • collateral security
  • the lending cycle
  • Islamic finance
  • impact of lending and social responsibility

The book provides students and practitioners of bank lending with an excellent understanding of lending practices as well as the principles that underpin these practices.

About the authors

Nirmala Lee PhD (Lond) MA BA DipTD CAIIB PGCTLHE FCIB PFHEA is Associate Professor of Banking and Finance and Courses Manager for Banking, Finance and Economics at London Metropolitan University. Before joining the University, she was a senior banker and banking consultant at leading international banks in London and elsewhere.

Vijay Lee MBA Finance (Cass) MA (Econ) BA (Econ) CAIIB PGCHE SFHEA is Associate Professor and Head of Accounting, Finance and Economics at London South Bank University. Previously assistant general manager in a world top 50 bank, he was also an examiner of professional examinations for four professional bodies.